Lynn & Binh Prewedding

Kintamani, Bali

In everyday life, the Balinese people see the mountain as a source of life and become the area of water absorption of the slopes of the forest overgrown. Because of its fertile area, many people who live in the foot of the mountain. But under the foot of the mountain there are several areas of black stone from the eruption of Mount Batur. that very suitable for do prewedding / engagement photo session.

Barren, arid place and little trees make it very photogenic and a source of inspiring photos. The sun rising from behind the mountain makes a romantic & beautiful impression. Our partner’s from Singapore; Lynn & Bynh greatly enjoyed the beautiful morning & the chill of the air at Batur Mountain. Back to nature is the theme of the photo session this time, accompanied by a real dog Kintamani who suddenly approached and Lynn who spontaneously cradle him make this session becomes full of laughter.